On our classes:

Best night out in a long time

"It would be hard to find a more passionate and yet patient teacher of the art of cooking than Richard Bertinet… the best night out in a long time."

Richard's passion is infectious

"Richard’s Gallic charm, enthusiasm and confidence around food and good-tasting ingredients are a major part of the school’s appeal and his passion for his subject is infectious"

Life-changing tricks in the kitchen

"People come from all over the world to take [Richard Bertinet’s] cookery and baking courses—even from over the Channel. As if persuading the French to learn cooking in England weren’t proof enough of Richard’s genius, during our lesson, he also convinced a pescophobe to skin a haddock, got a wheat avoider nibbling Bertinet bread, and let me in on the easy but life-changing method behind the perfectly chopped onion. Everyone left with a new trick to turn in the kitchen, a smile on their face and a full belly"

Change the way you look at bread forever

"Richard Bertinet is a master of his craft who has decided to share his knowledge with the world. First there was his ultra-user-friendly book Dough… And now, if you enjoyed the film, you can meet the cast. Richard and his wife, Jo, have opened the Bertinet Kitchen in Bath, offering hands-on baking lessons. I've just had one and it was revelatory… It might change the way you look at bread forever"

On 'Dough':

Revolutionary stuff

Irresistible, will change the way you bake bread

Yeast in his soul

"Britanny-born baker Richard Bertinet has yeast in his soul. His first book, 'Dough' makes baking baguettes, focaccia and honey and lavender loaf look so easy you'll want to try your hand at his quick answer to kneading, also shown on a DVD."

God's kingdom on earth

"I think it's pretty obvious, then, that when God's kingdom on earth is established, bread is going to play a pretty big roll…so I was thrilled to read Richard Bertinet's Dough. In it, he explains the five basic types of dough, as well as the 50 breads you can make with them. Bertinet already has his own bread school in Bath, but I can't help thinking that, when his time comes, his reward will be much greater than that"

Classy call to arms for breadmakers

"If the stunning photography in this book doesn't make you go all kneady and biblical, then nothing will. This is a classy call to arms for breadmakers and novices everywhere, with recipes for rosemary and sea-salt focaccia, fruited tea loaves, doughnuts and all sorts of carb-laden pleasures"