On our classes:

"Richard & Jo -- just a quick note to say thanks for a great experience in your kitchen. Myself & Polly had a blast on the French country cooking course back on 1st September. We've done the chicken since, but this Sunday may be a good excuse to get some practice with the far Breton."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful Dine & Learn last night. Richard Guest was truly inspiring and the food was delicious, with a wonderful choice of wine to match each course. We will certainly be recommending The Bertinet Kitchen to everyone"

"I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent sauces course that I attended today. I enjoyed myself immensely and was impressed at the informal, relaxed environment - which is especially nice when you are a novice like myself. I will practice what I have learned, and may enjoy a medium-to-well done steak with the hollandaise sauce and a drop of fine old English bitter"

"Thank you so much for a great 'hands-on' demo on Saturday. You made my weekend! Made more bread this morning. I'm hooked."

"Just wanted to write and thank you for a fabulous class (Bread 1). Although I have been using your book since Christmas, attending the course made me realise what I was doing wrong. Since returning home, I have made lots more bread and everything about it is better, particularly the texture and the way in which it rises during cooking"

On 'Dough':

"I want to thank you for your wonderful book, DOUGH (and the very helpful DVD).  Since I bought this book a few weeks ago, I have turned into a bread making genius.  The breads in the store are nowhere near as good as mine/yours."

"I have been making bread for over 25 years but, after my wife bought me your book Dough for Christmas my breadmaking has been transformed! No longer do I use bread tins or crocks, no longer do I kneed energeteiclly and the creation of a wetter dough and use of a granite block on which to bake the loaves has made such a difference!

Thank you for the inspiration this book has provided"

"I have just made my first batch of bread using your white bread recipe and method from your book Dough. The results amazed me – I am now a bread baker! I have spent years attempting to make bread with varying (not satisfactory) results. Your book and DVD has changed that forever. "