2 Day Pastry, Croissant and Viennoiserie with Richard Bertinet

Class Date:Thursday 5th July 2018, 10am

Class Type: Hands On

Price per person: £420.00

For full details, visit www.thebertinetkitchen.com / class / 2daypastrycroissantvien05-07-18.htm or call 01225 445531 and quote reference 2dayPastryCroissantVien05-07-18

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2 Day Pastry, Croissant and Viennoiserie with Richard Bertinet

Immerse yourself for two days of Pastry, Croissant and Viennoiserie heaven in these hands on masterclasses with Richard Bertinet. On day one learn how to make delicious pastry - sweet, salted and choux - together with a host of techniques to create stunning savoury tarts and quiches, pretty sweet tarts and choux buns, not to mention fabulously retro choux swans.  This class will ensure you never have a soggy bottom ever again!  

Viennoiserie are some of the most satisfying pastires to create at home and on day 2 Richard will take you through the essential skills to produce the perfect examples in your own kitchen.  Croissant, pain au chocolat and danish pastries are all on the menu as well as crème pâtissière in this extended masterclass.

Includes lunch with wine.

Course runs Thursday 5th July and Friday 6th July