2 Day Dark, Sweet, Slow & Sourdoughs

Class Date:Thursday 16th March 2017, 10am

Class Type: Hands On

Price per person: £410.00

For full details, visit www.thebertinetkitchen.com / class / 2dayslowsour16-03-2017.htm or call 01225 445531 and quote reference 2daySlowSour16-03-2017

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2 Day Dark, Sweet, Slow & Sourdoughs

This course can not be booked online but there is a place available, please call the number below. This 2 day course includes dark and sweet doughs, baking with wholemeal and rye doughs, followed by our slow doughs and sourdoughs day on which you learn how to work with starters and a poolish to make a range of sourdoughs as well as a classic brioche.  Commences Thursday 16 March 2017, each day starts at 10am.  All participants must have completed any one of Bread 1, Bread 2 or An Introduction to Bread making prior to booking, therefore this course can not be booked online, please call the office on 01225 445531 to book.