Nordic Baking with Richard Bertinet

Class Date:Friday 8th June 2018, 10am

Class Type: Hands On

Price per person: £215.00

For full details, visit / class / nordicbaking08-06-18.htm or call 01225 445531 and quote reference Nordicbaking08-06-18

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Nordic Baking with Richard Bertinet

With a climate suited to a range of cereals but particularly rye, the Nordic region has a wealth of baking history and a mind-blowing range of breads and treats to discover. Join Richard Bertinet to learn how to make Saffron buns, a Swedish rye and caraway bread, sourdough knäckebröd crackers as well as a bread created by our friends at Skaertoft Mill in Denmark and, to finish, prune and cardamon doughnuts. Includes lunch with wine.