Springtime in Spain

Class Date:Saturday 17th March 2018, 10am

Class Type: Hands On

Price per person: £170.00

For full details, visit www.thebertinetkitchen.com / class / spanishspring17-03-18.htm or call 01225 445531 and quote reference SpanishSpring17-03-18

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Springtime in Spain

Recreate Springtime in Spain in your own kitchen in this hands on class with Jenny Chandler.  From the famous Boqueria market in Barcelona to the tiny village markets in rural Spain, market life and fresh regional products are at the heart of Spanish life and cuisine. In this hands on class Jenny will show you how to focus on wonderful basic ingredients and the core principles of Spanish cooking to recreate simple and delicious Spanish recipes at home.

Jenny Chandler is our longest standing and most experienced guest chef and has taught with us since we opened.  She is an authority on Mediterranean food having worked there as a chef and a consultant to Spanish restaurants.  She is the author of The Real Taste of Spain and The Food of Northern Spain which was shortlisted for the prestigious Andre Simon award.  Includes lunch with wine.