Thai Masterclass with Marj Lang

Class Date:Friday 11th May 2018, 10am

Class Type: Hands On

Price per person: £170.00

For full details, visit / class / thaimarj11-05-18.htm or call 01225 445531 and quote reference ThaiMarj11-05-18

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Thai Masterclass with Marj Lang

Join Marj Lang, our resident Masterchef winner, as she takes this hands on South East Asian speciality cookery class. Join Marj as she spices up your menu with a punchy combination of flavours such as, limes, palm sugar, chillies and fish sauce.  The result is a taste explosion of sour, salt, sweet and hot.  Combine this with great fresh ingredients, soft herbs and crisp vegetables, a mix of hot and cold dishes and some fragrant rice and the feast is complete.  Includes lunch with wine. [Photograph by Jonathan Gregson from COOK by Richard Bertinet, Kyle Cathie April 2010]