DOUGH by Richard Bertinet (Signed copy)

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DOUGH  by Richard Bertinet (Signed copy)

WINNER IACP Cookery Book of the Year 2006 

WINNER James Beard Award for Best Book (Baking & Desserts)

WINNER Julia Child Award for Best First Book

Shortlisted for the Glenffidich Food Awards for Best Book & the Andre Simon Memorial Prize for Best Book

(Paperback) Dough is a book about simple stylish breadmaking, with some breads taking little more than one hour from start to finish. Dough involves no complicated procedures. Dough introduces readers to an exciting variety of breads to be made at home, which will fill the house with warmth and the most evocative smells.

There are 5 chapters each focusing on a dough recipe. For each of these Richard Bertinet explores the different breads that can be made from the dough. From white dough you can make the witty Puff Balls, filled with salad for a starter; Olive, Herb and Pecorino bread sticks, 'Bread shots' for parties or Spicy Moroccan rolls. From Olive oil dough you can make Focaccia with rock salt and rosemary or with pesto, olive and pepperdew.

Glorious colour photography by Jean Cazals and accessible and clear instructions make this THE book that will introduce you to the seductive and addictive world of baking.