PASTRY by Richard Bertinet (Signed copy)

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PASTRY by Richard Bertinet (Signed copy)

In PASTRY Richard turns his attention to a subject which strikes fear into the heart of many home cooks. As he did in his bestselling books on bread making, Richard starts with technique. Step-by-step photography and clear instructions lead the reader through the methods for four different type of pastry: salted (salé), sweet (sucrée), puff and choux. Master these methods and the world of pastry making awaits. 

With recipes ranging from savouries, such as Chicken and Tarragon Tart, Duck Pie and Sausage Rolls, to a wonderful range of sweet suggestions such as Peach and Rosemary Almond Tarts, Tarte Tatin, Pear Bourdaloue and Raspberry and Pistachio tarts, this is every cook's pastry bible.

This is everything a cookbook should be - beautiful, reassuring, instructive and desirable.