A voucher for one of our Skills Classes and a copy of COOK

Price: £190.00

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A voucher for one of our Skills Classes and a copy of COOK

A perfect gift for the foodie in your life, a voucher for a place on one of our skills classes (Knife Skills, Saucing, Pasta making) and a signed copy of Richard's book COOK.  

COOK is currently out of print and therefore very hard to get hold of.  We buy up new and good quality used copies whenever we can and make them available here but they are now retail and well in excess of the original cover price.    Our current stock is UK editions.

Just like Richard's award-winning cookery courses and other books, the aim of this cookbook is to make techniques and recipes simpler and easier to understand so that you have the confidence to make dishes on your own, without following recipes blindly without knowing what you're really doing. Taking 50 classic recipes, he uses them to illustrate useful techniques such as how to thicken a soup or how to brown meat properly so that you gain a deeper understanding. It's like being in the kitchen with Richard, as he answers all those little questions that crop up when you're following a recipe - what should the dish look like, how do I know my sauce has reduced enough, what potatoes should I use? - nothing is taken for granted. From pesto to a simple chicken hotpot, filleting mackerel to making impressive individual apple tarts, this is an invaluable cookbook that brings back the fun in cooking by way of understanding and confidence-building.

The voucher and book will be posted out to you on receipt of the order.   Please tell us the name of the recipient in the Additional Information box on Checkout so we can personalise your voucher(s) for you.

Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.