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The Bertinet Bakery at Neston Park

added 20th April 2012


We are delighted to announce that our breads and pastries are now available from a new dedicated bakery area at Neston Park.  The Bertinet Bakery at Neston Park will have a wide selection of Bertinet Bread and some of our lovely pastries.  Look out too for some new lines designed to complement Neston Park’s own meats and using produce from the Neston Park Estate.  The new bakery area will cement Neston Park’s growing reputation as one of the top places in Wiltshire to go for local artisan produce.

Basic white and brown loaves for sandwiches and toast will sit alongside more specialist loaves from Richard’s award winning sourdough loaves to nutty breads like spelt and walnut bread to go on a cheeseboard.  During barbecue season, nothing goes better with Neston Park’s homemade burgers and sausages than The Bertinet Bakery’s fantastic burger buns and hot dog rolls.   And of course, the new bakery section will stock The Bertinet Bakery’s famous almond croissants.

Richard will be at Neston Park Farm shop on Saturday 28 April 2012 at 10.30am to open the new bakery area with a bread making session for children - do come along!  


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