Bertinet Wooden Rolling Pin

Price: £9.95 - £12.95

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Bertinet Wooden Rolling Pin

Introducing our new roling pins from the TALA for Richard Bertinet baking range.

Choose from a Bakers rolling pin (£12.95) or French Tapered Rolling pin (£9.95) both made from solid beech from FSC managed woodland in the EU.

So what is the difference - why would I need two rolling pins?  Think of it as the difference between a steam roller and a sports car.  The bakers pin is solid and heavy and excellent at getting the basic rolling done particularly for large pies or tarts or when you otherwise have a volume of pastry or dough to deal with.  By contrast the French tapered pin is light and manouverable.  The tapered ends mean that by gently increasing pressure on one end of the pin you can direct the pastry or dough and push it in the direction of your choosing so you end up with the size and shape of pastry sheet that you need.