CRUMB……..whoops…. erratum….

Unfortunately between the final proof and printing a number of editing errors appeared in the text. Here are the corrections.  So sorry – Richard.


Page 73 : Fougasse
350 cool water
800 strong bread flour
For the ferment :
100 rye and 100 strong white flour.

Method 1 … start by making the ferment …put the rye and the white flour in the mixing bowl..


Page 76: Cornettis

In ingredients listing:


should read 200g of strong bread flour (not 100g)

Page 87: Honey & rasped loaf
Add a line. Saying to keep the raspberries frozen to till they are added to the dough.

Page 88: Muesli bread
Ingredient add 150g water to the ferment ingredients list.
Method. Add … combine wholemeal flour with the honey and yeast and water. …

Page 91: White sourdough
Stage 3 should read

200g strong white flour
100g warm water.

Page 109:  Rustic miche
Add to ingredients list 10g sea salt

Page 114: Gotchial
Add should read 5 eggs in ingredients not 3

Page 137: Pain de mie

In ingredients listing:

Should read 10g of sea salt (not 20g)

Page 140: Leopard bread

In ingredients listing:

Should read 150g of beer or water (not 50g)

Page 156
1 and 2 shouldn’t be there in the method.
The dough should be mixed as per the coloured buns on page 119.
2 should read: after the dough has rested for at least an hour. Lightly flour your work surface tip the dough upside down on to the table and roll the dough to a large rectangle a little bigger than a A3 piece of paper.

Page 192: Wholemeal flat bread
Add 150 gr of water into the ingredients
And add the water to paragraph 2 in the method.

Page 197: Corn bread.
Sea Salt should be 5g

Page 203: Seeded loaf
Delete stage 3 and replace with … Put the mixture into a well grease tIn and rest at least 2 hours or overnight
Preheat oven at 180  ….and delete … grease a large tins And delete… ladle the batter in the tin

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