COVID Update // 14 October 2020

Guidance for customers living in England

Customers living in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Overseas should consult their local government guidance.

The cookery school is in an area designated as Tier 1 medium risk and as such is allowed to operate in accordance with COVID secure guidance.  These include social distancing of customers, the use of screens to separate customers and the requirement that all customers and staff wear masks.  We also have increased ventilation and enhanced cleaning.

Customer attendance at our classes is determined by some basic restrictions and also by the tier / risk level of their home address.

  • Customers who have reason to suspect that they may have come into contact with the virus within the last 14 days should not attend classes.
  • Customers with COVID symptoms should not attend classes.
  • Customers who are ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ and have been asked to shield should not attend classes

Customers who are ‘clinically vulnerable’ ( should consider if it is sensible for them to attend classes regardless of the risk level where they live.  Classes can be postponed as long as you give us 28 days’ notice.


Customers living in a tier 3 area are advised not to travel.  If you live in a tier 3 area and have a class coming up, please notify us of the situation immediately upon your area being placed into tier 3.

If you are not living in a tier 3 area but have reason to think that your area will become a tier 3 area (and prevent you attending a course) then please contact us to postpone your booking.  In order to ensure you can move your booking you need to give us 28 days’ notice.


We do not believe that customers living in Tier 2 areas are prevented from attending courses.

The final decision as to whether it is safe to attend rests with each customer as the person best placed to judge their individual situation.

Those living in tier 2 are allowed to travel as long as they are not sharing overnight accommodation with someone outside their household.

In terms of the class itself, the rules are set out in the government guidance in the section ‘Visiting other Venues’:

Venues can host more than 6 but no one should mix outside their household.  As above we have Covid secure measures in place to protect customers.


Customers living in tier 1 areas are not prevented from attending courses.

The travel guidance advises that you should avoid travelling with someone outside your household unless you can socially distance.

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