COVID Update // Monday 21 December

Our office is closing for Christmas today but we are mindful of the individual positions of those booked for classes early in the new year following the introduction of Tier 4 and the recent tier review.

We would ask all customers booked on classes in January to follow the following procedure.

  1.  If you are booked on classes in the first 2 weeks of January:  wait until the next tier announcement on 30 December.  If following this you are in either tiers 3 or tier 4 and unable to travel, please send us an email immediately to [email protected]  and we will move your booking to a new convenient date.  Please do not telephone as the office does not re-open until 5 January, but we will be picking up emails and managing movers by email, through the holiday period.   Where possible we will ask customers to move to the next available slot (for example in February).  We know this may necessitate a further move if the situation does not improve, but we also need to get customers booked back in, as soon as possible, rather than creating a bottle neck in the summer.

2.  If you are booked on a class later in January then please wait for the tier review following the 30 December, which we assume will be on 15 January (or thereabouts), in order to see if you are prevented from travelling.

Thank you for your co-operation in managing what we appreciate is a very difficult situation for everyone.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and hope that you are able to find a way to spend time with your loved ones, even if that is only virtually.

Merry Christmas.  Stay safe.

Jo Bertinet

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