Cookery school programme

The programme changes daily and is therefore most readily available online.  Hard copies of the programme can be made available in both standard and large print.

Wherever possible and subject to availability we will always try to accommodate customers on the class of their choice however some classes may be more suitable than others depending on individual circumstances. Please telephone us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Physical access

There is wide level access to the lower floor and additionally level access to the upper floor.  However the upstairs cloakroom and the upper teaching Kitchen can only be accessed by the means of 2 steps due to the structural nature of the building.

The staircase linking the levels is wide to allow assisted access and has continuous handrails on both sides. There is no lift access between the two floors but customers who are unable to take the stairs can move between floors externally by sloped walkways.

Parking close to the kitchen entrance can usually be arranged for holders of blue badges.


The cookery school is equipped with one semi-ambulent WC and one standard WC.