Charlotte Kyle

Charlie has been a member of the kitchen team for a while and has now also moved to be part of the office team, helping plan the class programme as well as plan some of the bigger projects.  If Charlotte was any food, she says she’d be Coq au Vin as she is a big fan of red wine! Her favourite food is spicy tonkotsu ramen. She has a passion for travel and wants to sample the dishes of as many countries as possible. She also makes a mean pavlova.

kelly williams

Kelly holds the office operations together and keeps everything running smoothly. She loves baking bread, especially making focaccia using Richard’s recipe. Her passions include cooking, interior design and being creative.  Her favourite food can vary month to month and season to season!  Current favourites include stir fired rainbow chard, lamb koftas with homemade flatbreads and anything that somebody else cooks for her so that she don’t have to cook!


carrie bell

Head of HR, in charge of Richard’s TV and media work, and a whizz with finance, Carrie is the most senior member of the team. She has a love of travelling and sampling food from cultures around the world. Her most memorable food experience was a grilled seabass eaten at a local café on Portugal’s Alentejo, closely followed by Richard’s millefeuille. If she was any food or drink, she says she’d be earl grey tea – if checked, there would be a hint of bergamot running through her veins.

jo harrod bertinet

Jo founded the company with Richard in 2005 and has been the driving force behind it for the last 16 years.  She currently sits on the board and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company but is no longer involved on a day-to-day basis. Jo describes her passions as family and cocktails and is probably the only member of the team that doesn’t bake. The closest she gets is a lemon trifle every New Year’s Eve.