On our classes

I was on the bread making class yesterday and just wanted to write and thank the whole team at Bertinet Cookery School. It was such a great informative experience and I am already plotting my next trip to Bath.
Thanks again- everyone was great!

Dear Bertinet kitchen team,  I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the 5 day bread course last week. I booked the course as a home baker looking to build my confidence so that I could bake bread for my family and I honestly feel it did just that.  I really enjoyed the structure of the course and how each day built from the last. It left me with so many new skills and the confidence to carry on at home. Richard, Jen, Daisy and the team found just the right balance so I felt like I was being pushed and learning all the time but also having fun on the way. I made some baguettes yesterday and really felt like they were there telling me what (and what not!) to do. Thank you to the whole team!

C Watts

Thank you so much for a great ‘hands-on’ demo on Saturday. You made my weekend! Made more bread this morning. I’m hooked.

P McCann
Thank you, thank you for a wonderful and inspiring experience.  I will add walking my dough to walking the dog in my daily routine!!
Seriously, inspired teaching and an incredible team.

I just wanted to say thank you for the truly inspiring bread course three weekends ago. Your passion for bread and baking is infectious and you left me wanting to learn more! Thank you for the time you spent with me trying to correct my bad habits(!) and improve my skills.  Since then I have noticed a huge improvement in my bread and so has my family. I have been baking all our bread now for about six months and everyone had been very complimentary but now they can’t stop talking about it. I learnt so much that day, now I can’t stop!

C Turner

Than you all for yet another fantastic  class at the the Bertinet Kitchen.For me to come to your lovely school for short classes is such a treat and inspiration.  I always come home with new knowledge that helps me improve my bakery, my classes and writing.

I can’t wait to come back.

S Svolsbru, Norway

I attended your baking course on 21 March and learned a lot, with great enjoyment. I delayed contacting you for a couple of weeks because I wanted to try out your method and recipes at home. I am just delighted with the results. I have been baking bread for 30 years, but your course, and your books, have moved my bread to a whole new level – it is now the best ever.
Thank you so much.

R Johnson

Just to say a huge thank you for the wonderful croissant and patssserie course last Thursday. It exceeded all my expectations.
I am off to France on Saturday and hope to impress our French neighbours with my croissants!
I hope to attend one of your bread courses when I return from France in October.

E Payne

Thanks for a fantastic few days.
A real privilege to be taught by someone with such a passion for teaching, huge knowledge of and respect for his subject, and a totally irreverent approach!

G Sadler

Thanks so much for another brilliant day in the Bertinet kitchen last Friday. I feel like I have croissants and pains aux raisins running through my veins after all the stuff I’ve eaten this weekend….. it was a lovely day, great company, and a fantastic learning experience with a fab teacher. So – thank you very much.

F Stretton

On ‘dough’

I want to thank you for your wonderful book, DOUGH (and the very helpful DVD).  Since I bought this book a few weeks ago, I have turned into a bread making genius.  The breads in the store are nowhere near as good as mine/yours.

B Morgenroth, New York

I have just made my first batch of bread using your white bread recipe and method from your book Dough. The results amazed me – I am now a bread baker! I have spent years attempting to make bread with varying (not satisfactory) results. Your book and DVD has changed that forever.

M Fielding
I have been making bread for over 25 years but, after my wife bought me your book Dough for Christmas my breadmaking has been transformed! No longer do I use bread tins or crocks, no longer do I kneed energeteiclly and the creation of a wetter dough and use of a granite block on which to bake the loaves has made such a difference!

Thank you for the inspiration this book has provided

N Johnstone