COVID Update // 9 September 2020

In view of the government announcement today regarding restrictions on social gatherings, we just wanted to reassure customers that we do not believe that this impacts on our classes.

As we understand them there is no intention to close down businesses where there are more than 6 people in a building.  (Restaurants are still allowed to operated and are not limited to a total of 6 customers or 6 customers and staff combined on their premises.)

On our classes all of our customers are socially distanced from each other (unless booked together and part of the same household bubble).  It is similar to how it would be in a restaurant on different tables.  In addition, we have also divided everyone with the use of clear perspex screens for added safety.

We are of course unable to have a sit down lunch together at the end of the class but we are instead offering students a picnic lunch to take away.

We will of course review the detailed guidance when it is published and post any update here.

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